Organic Powder Green Tea

Stick pack with 25mm width that is suitable for organic powder green tea raw material.
The stick pack’s film has excellent barrier characteristics such as light-shielding, moisture-proof, fragrance-retaining, and some other barrier properties, which are best for food packaging.
In addition, it is easy to cut and can be opened from anywhere on the pack without using scissors.

【 Stick Pack Details 】

■ Recommend raw materials for the filling process

Organic Powder Green Tea

■ Size

Width: 25 x 110 mm

■ Filling Portion

From 1g to 1.5g (Because the portion depends on the density of different raw ingredients, please consult with us for more information)

■ Features

  • Easily open just by hand from anywhere on the stick pack without having to use scissors.
  • Excellent various barrier characteristics due to containing aluminum.
  • Moisture-proof.
  • Prevent oxidization.
  • Light-shielding.
  • Fragrance-retaining.

We will support the stick pack box packing to commercialize the product.

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