1. nakahara-1

    Corporation’s Information

    In 1988, our company started to manufacture the world first's triangular teabag, and up until the present time, we went from a company with a normal ...

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  2. media-worldselection-1

    World Selection On Shizuoka Newspaper

    Body Text: Tea Culture Supported By Teabag IndustryThe disappearance of the teapot in householdsEven though it is kinda hard to believe but t...

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  3. teabag

    Propose Various Teabag Processing

    We offer a wide range of top-class teabag variation production in Japan such as triangular teabags, flat teabags, thread attached teabags, and drip t...

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  4. shintomi2nd-2

    LED Light Doesn’t Easily Collect Dust

    Shintoumi No. 2 branch factory uses LEDs light that doesn't attract too much dust like the conventional LED.We pay attention to the illuminance a...

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  5. PE-OEM-2014

    2014 International PB/OEM Development 6th Exhibition Product Displayed

    We attended the 2014 International PB/OEM Development 5th Exhibition, which was held at the Big Sight Dome in Tokyo, to display our products from Feb...

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  6. setup

    From Fine Powder Grinding To Stick Processing

    We are accepting a series of OEMs such as finely ground tea leaves as they are, stick filling processing, and boxing setup.The ingredient for the...

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  7. shizuoka2013-7-18-1

    Drip Bag Package With Printed Mt. Fuji Image Article Published On Local Newspaper

    An article about Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Registration Memorial day drip bag was published in a local newspaper.Mt. Fuji World Heritage R...

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  8. nikkei1987-2

    1987 Nikkei Newspaper Published An Article About Shizu Pack’s Triangular Teabag Development

    An article was published in Nikkei Sangyou Newspaper in Shōwa Year 62 (1987) about the joint development of triangular teabag shaped between Shizu Pa...

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  9. shizuoka-shinbun-1

    Home Of Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Food Product Development Expo 2015 Published On Shizuoka Newspaper

    Article's Content: With this year expo's theme about cooperation in agriculture, commerce, and industry, 20 tea/teabag production-related corporation...

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  10. 東京ビックサイトで開催する国際PB・OEM開発展に出展

    2013 International PB/OEM Development 5th Exhibition Product Displayed

    We attended the 2013 International PB/OEM Development 5th Exhibition, which was held at the Big Sight Dome in Tokyo, to display our products from Feb...

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  1. 2021/9/13

    Announcement Of Applying New System

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