Factory equipment

  1. shintomi2nd-5

    Manufacturing Room That Follows The HACCP Standard

    At Shizu Pack, we are building many rooms that are suitable for the HACCP system.From the time the materials delivered, every process from arrang...

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  2. shintomi2nd-11

    Shintoumi No. 2 Branch Factory Air Shower Room

    The Air shower room is installed in the Shintoumi no. 2 branch factory and is ready to operate.We pay attention to the hygiene environment, make ...

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  3. camera-1

    Install Live Feed/ Digital Camera System For Food Defense Program

    In the effort to protect and follow the Food Defense Program approved by the FDA, we proceed to install many live feed, recordable camera systems in ...

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  4. shintomi2nd-5

    Private Manufacturing Room

    At Shintoumi No. 2 branch factory, we install private manufacturing rooms that strictly controlling air condition as well as atmosphere condition....

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  5. airshower-1

    Install The Air-Shower Room

    In every factory, we are fully equipped with many air-shower rooms for quality control.In Shizu Pack's factory, air-shower rooms are installed in...

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  6. double-chamber-teabag-machine-1

    IMA Standard Teabag Manufacturing Machine

    A teabag manufacturing machine originally created in Italy.Every teabag manufactured under the IMA standard is the most popular type of teabag in...

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  7. powderstick-machine-1

    Powder Stick Production Machine

    The 6 processing units to produce the best powder stick.It can be used to produce powdered tea and other fine powder-type of raw materials with a...

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  8. double-teabag-machine-1

    Two-kind Mixture Teabag Manufacturing Machine

    A new type of machine that can combine two different kinds of raw materials into one teabag with different densities.In some cases, blending valu...

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  9. shintomi2

    Shintoumi No. 2 Branch Factory Started Operation

    Shintoumi No. 2 branch factory has started operation.Equipped with manufacturing rooms that meet the HACCP specification, with pressure control i...

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  10. toshinden-2

    Shizu Pack Toushinden No. 1 Branch Factory

    Powder stick, organic powder material filling processing with the method OEM, blending processing, rough crushing processing, setup processing factor...

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  11. fuji-1

    Shizu Pack Fuji Branch Factory

    We processing various teabags production lines in the Eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture.In the Fuji Branch Factory, we conducting manufacturing...

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  12. kohousou-machine-1

    Individually Wrapped Triangular Teabag Manufacture Machine

    The individually Wrapped Triangular Teabag Manufacture Machine.Shizu Pack Corporation has been developing the triangular teabag for around 25 yea...

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  13. powderstick-machine-3

    6 Units Carton Box Packing Machine For Powder Sticks

    A machine that can automatically pack 60 to 90 powder sticks, with the size of the particles is around 10 microns, into carton boxes.Due to the a...

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  14. toshinden-1

    Shizu Pack Toushinden No. 2 Branch Factory

    At Toushinden No. 2 branch factory, we prepared cleanroom equipment, powder stick, and organic ingredient stick filling manufacturing with the OEM me...

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  15. grinding-machine-1

    Finely Powder Grinding Machine

    A machine that can finely pulverize the powder particles up to 20 microns.The machine operates as an airflow-type device pulverized. By apply th...

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  16. fungus-inspection-1

    Introducing Bacteria Tester Device

    As the demand for matcha drinks as well as food in fine powder materials increase, we bring in the bacteria tester device to ensure a safe and secure...

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  17. xsen

    Introducing X-Ray Foreign Matter Removal Device In Granule Powder Stick Production Line

    An X-ray inspection machine has been applied to the granule powder stick production line.Any foreign matter that's not metal, such as rubber or p...

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  18. shintomi2

    Shintoumi No. 2 Branch Factory Started Operation

    Shizu Pack's Shintoumi No. 2 branch factory has started operation.Comply with full HACCP standards, with pressure control, humidity control, and ...

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  19. 静パック中原第二工場

    Nakahara Headquarter No. 2 Factory

    At the Nakahara headquarter No. 2 factory, we established to assist manufacturing processes.We pay attention carefully to the working environment...

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  20. shintomi2nd-2

    Installed LED Light In Manufacturing Room

    We placed many LED lightbulbs around the Nakahara headquarter factory.At the Nakahara factory, we established many eco-friendly measurements such...

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  21. スマート工場 太陽光パネル設置

    Smart Factory With Solar Panel Installed

    To promote an eco-friendly society, we had installed solar panels in many branch factories.At Shizu Pack's Factory, solar panels are installed on...

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  22. setupoem-1

    From Raw Materials Suggestion To Teabags Production Setup

    Comes to Shizu Pack Corporation, we will resolve many of our customers' worries about the wish to commercialize a teabag product but doesn't know muc...

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  1. 2021/9/13

    Announcement Of Applying New System

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