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Shizu Pack Toushinden No. 2 Branch Factory


At Toushinden No. 2 branch factory, we prepared cleanroom equipment, powder stick, and organic ingredient stick filling manufacturing with the OEM method.

Shizu Pack Toushinden No. 2 branch factory was built to the further development of the No. 1 factory.

Just like the No. 1 factory, the No. 2 factory was also equipped with cleanroom and other hygiene equipment to strive for further quality and ensure the safety of our products.

To ensure the best quality of our product, when filling sticks with a finely ground powder such as matcha, we always manage the low-nitrogen substitute as much as possible to produce a high-quality product.

Powdered materials are easily oxidized as soon as the seal is opened. As a method to solve this problem, in recent years, we’ve been using stick-type packages with low-nitrogen substitutes, which is attracting many demands, to ensure the best tea and coffee quality.

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