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Home Of Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Food Product Development Expo 2015 Published On Shizuoka Newspaper


Article’s Content: With this year expo’s theme about cooperation in agriculture, commerce, and industry, 20 tea/teabag production-related corporations in Shizuoka Prefecture have attended the business meeting “Home Of Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Food Product Development Expo 2015” held for the 21st times in Shizuoka City, along with their unique products and prominent technologies. According to the attendees, this opportunity is a great time to propose their ideas as well as their suggestions of business cooperation with other companies in the same industry…Shizu Pack Corporation (located at Suruga District, Shizuoka City) has displayed its unique triangular-shaped teabag and instant drink stick bags. The person in charge predicted the demand would grow stated that “In both cases, the orders are steady but gradually rising.”

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