【Promotion】By Email And Video (For Prospective Client/ Customer)

A new normal era has emerged due to the significant changes by the new coronavirus.

Companies that put out good accomplishment has begun the initiatives “continue to sale, even when we can meet the client face to face”『会えなくても、つながる営業』.

One way to introduce your services and products to prospective clients and business partners is to explain to them in a short video with private viewing.

Unlike Youtube, which videos generally can be view to the public, for business, when a client or business partner prepared a video and provided some necessary information, the video can be open with limited viewers, and to acquire necessary information from the viewers, the video owner can establish Q&A about Company’s Name, Your Affiliation, Contact Information, and other problems that need to be answered.

From there, the video’s owner will continue to send out appreciation emails and more informative content.

Any information that pleases the target customer will surely be very effective.

We will support e-mail newsletter distribution and video distribution (limited release).

◆◇ Translation ◇◆

We can translate languages such as “Vietnamese”, “Chinese” and “English”.
Regarding quality, please see each language by switching languages on our site (top and right of the page).



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  1. 2021/9/13

    Announcement Of Applying New System
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