[Example Cases] Related To WordPress

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with using WordPress.

It could be WordPress installation or some coding, or any partial request and we will happily accept.

<<Request Examples>>

. “We want to request an agent that can install WordPress”

. “I want to create a website that can be easily updated without any troubles”

. “I want to turn an existing static web page into a dynamic website by using WordPress

. “We have a design for the web, we needed assistance on coding and WordPress conversion”

. “I want to make my website responsive (for smartphone)”

. “We managed several sites on WordPress, but we want to request a server transfer”

. “I want to keep updating WordPress version on regular basis”

. “I would like to entrust you with server hosting for WordPress, site creation, and site maintenance”

◆◇ Translation ◇◆

We can translate languages such as “Vietnamese”, “Chinese” and “English”.
Regarding quality, please see each language by switching languages on our site (top and right of the page).




Related Products

  1. 【Let’s Keep Existing Fax Papers!!】For “Paper Reduction” and Easier For “Data Management”

    【For businesses still using FAX】Our system can change and manage the documents without changing FAX machine or FAX numbers.

  2. Web Application Form ② (Event Application, Winning Announcement, Ticket Display)

    We will support all the event's dates and times, with a limited number of guests, from the application, the announcement of winning, and display the event date on the ticket. 

  3. Content Distribution

    If your company has valuable content (streaming videos, photos, text articles, etc) involving businesses such as education, seminar, or entertainment, please consider our content distribution services. We will support billing by utilizing our many years of experience in the content distribution field.

  4. Coupon/ Fusion Of Real And Web

    The coupon system that we introducing is different. Because not everyone can download them. It can only be download by specific people.

  5. The Reservation System

    A high degree of freedom in the system with no packaging. "Reservation system" that gives shape to our commitment

  6. Order Management (Interlocking System)

    Real-time notify by email whenever an order is made. Checking necessary information or progress status and share directly within the company via a smart device.

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