Triangular Tea Bag And Herb Blend Tea

Herbal tea usually a relatively large raw material, so we recommend using a triangular tea bag.

We can also suggest blending tea for our customers.

Each herb has a different density depending on the raw material.

We suggest delicious and original herbal blend tea while maintaining a stable blending ratio to our customers.

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  1. Mallow Blue

    The dried flower will turn blue when dipping inside water. The moment you pour boiling water, it will turn to light blue and become purple in the end.

  2. Lemon Verbena

    An herb with a refreshing scent.

  3. Lemongrass

    Lemongrass has a soothing scent that assembled the smell like lemon. As the name suggests, this herb has refreshing citrus.

  4. Orange Peel

    A refreshing scent from the orange peel will restore your mood. It has a sour scent, but the taste is very vague.

  5. Rosehip Tea

    Rosehip has a uniquely bittersweet flavor. Rosehip can enhance and protect your beautiful skin.

  6. Lemon Peel

    One type of herb that brings out the subtle freshness. Lemon peel has a soft sweetness and a refreshing taste.

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