Cosmetic Powder Filling Process

From powder to finely crushed powder, we offer a wide range of ingredients filling processes. We will respond to your request according to the properties of the cosmetic ingredients, production quantity, container shape, etc.

Please contact us regarding the capacity and production lot size.

■Corresponding Contents (main productions)

※Acquired cosmetic manufacturing license

●Three-side heat seal type 

[Width] 30-100mm

[Length] 100-125mm

A pack that heat welded (heat seal) on three sides, included the bottom.

There is a cut called the “notch”, which makes it easier to open.

●Back-pasted heat seal type

[Width] 25-35mm

[Length] 100-150mm

Flatpack with back pasting. While in production, one film sheet is used to align with the back of the flatpack, then heat sealed applied (the films are glued together not by using the adhesive but by using heat) to form a cylindrical shape, then proceed to seal the bottom of the pack.

●Nitrogen Filling

The technique of filling nitrogen (to reduce the oxygen inside the bag as much as possible) to prevent the ingredients from deterioration due to oxidation is highly evaluated.

●Lot Printing

Printing on the curved side or the bottom surface of the pack, which is difficult to print, is now possible.

【For example】

“I want to print the expiration date and lot number securely.”

“I want to print on the uneven surfaces.”

“I want to print on the curved surfaces.”

●Support package bagging or cosmetic boxing process after producing separately.

◆◇ Translation ◇◆

We can translate languages such as “Vietnamese”, “Chinese” and “English”.
Regarding quality, please see each language by switching languages on our site (top and right of the page).

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